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Dates of Uktainian history

29.01.1900 Founded the Revolutionary Ukrainian party

01.05.1900 First big political demonstration of workers

05.05.1900 First Ukrainian sports-fire company "Sich "

11.01.1991 Order of imperial authority about sent to soldiers 183 students of the Kiev university

22.01.1919 Association of the Ukrainian National Republic and west Ukrainian National Republic

26.04.1986 Failure on the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl atomic power station

24.07.1990 Above a building Kiev of Advice has been lifted a national flag

24.08.1991 Acceptance of the Certificate of declaration of independence of Ukraine.

01.12.1991 Referendum of Ukraine independence

01.04.1998 In Kiev has passed official opening the Mint of National bank of Ukraine

09.05.1998 In the Kiev have passed gathering the European bank of reconstruction and development

25.03.1999 Death of V. Chornovil

22.02.2000 In Ukraine the death penalty is cancelled

16.04.2000 The referendum for supported expansion of the rights of the President of Ukraine

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