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Ukrainian PhotoClub Festival

Ukrainian PhotoClub Festival The national photo club movement renaissance appears to have become undisputable evidence of our time. And the united club festival held since 2006 is its ‘maturity’ certificate. Last year 28 photoclubs from 18 cities of Ukraine took part in it. The best works of the festival were presented to the public within the program of the 6th International Show Kyiv Photo Fair. And its success promoted the decision to continue it through 2009. The national photoclub today is the most democratic association of fascinated and creation inspired photo picture makers. They are all together: grey-haired ‘maitres’ and talented juveniles, film technology partisans and creative post-treatment champions, amateurs and professional photo artists. Spirit of creativity, spirit of creation, spirit of freedom are distinctive features of modern photo clubs. This year the 4th Ukrainian PhotoCLub Festival will start on February 15, its exposition to be presented at the 7th International Show Kyiv Photo Fair, June 4 to 7, 2009, IEC (15 Brovarsky Ave.) Project organisers: PhotoFair Kyiv, Odessa Photographer Association, Photographer Magazine, Photoclubs of Ukraine Portal. To apply for the participation you should read the regulation and register at the official festival site:: All photoclubs of Ukraine are welcome.

News added at  2009-02-14

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